5 Pillars UK: Dangers of Extremist Muslim Media


The Ahmadis have been long the subject of extreme animosity and defamation by other sects of Islam within Britain and for years have dealt with physical as well as a verbal abuse from Muslims who consider them heretics.

The Ahmadis migrated to Britain to escape the persecution in countries like Pakistan where their faith has been declared illegal by law. However, Britain has not stopped the extremists from hunting them down, Just this year an Ahmadi shopkeeper was stabbed to death in Glasgow. While physical violence against the Ahmadis is a recent occurring in Britain, Hate speech and a smear campaign against the community has been going on for years, all the guise of ‘Free Speech’.

The new Muslim media which claims to “counter” the negative image of Islam in Britain seems to play an active part. A textbook example of such hate is a UK based website 5PillarsUK. The site editors and contributors have long run a hate campaign against the Ahmadis based on what they claim to be their “heretic beliefs”. Despite claiming to be the vehicle of independent writing and the non-biased reporting of national affairs, they have long neglected the concept of what independent writing actually is.


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  1. Allah’s guidance is the true guidance, not guidance from clerics.

    1.Verily it is thy Lord that knoweth best, which (among men) hath strayed from His Path: and He knoweth best those who receive (True) Guidance. Quran 68;(7) .

    2. So, do not claim purity (from faults) for your selves. He knows best who is God-fearing. Quran 53;(32)

    Only Allah who know the truth of faith.But extremist Clerics claim them self that they are a true faith.


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