Polygamy – equal treatment ?

My (senior) wife came across the following story on ‘social media’ and could not refrain from reading it to me:

”  Haji Ali had two wives. He tried his level best to treat them both equally.

It so happened that by chance both of them died on the same day. He took care that both should be washed and prepared for the funeral at the same time.

To his horror he noticed that the ‘funeral parlor’ had only one door. As he could not permit one wife to be ‘first’ and the other one to be ‘second’ he organised that a second door should be broken out of the wall so that both wives could be taken out at the same time.

The burial took (of course) take place exactly the same time.

After a long and sad day the double-widower finally went to sleep, exhausted from all the happenings.

During the night his senior wife appeared in his dream, very annoyed and unhappy, saying to him:

”  Why did you take the junior wife out of the new door and me out of the old one ? ”


NOTE from the Editor:

You may think this is a joke, but I assure you, Haji Ali sounds very experienced and genuine.    Still, I post it under ‘humour’, not knowing exactly how else I should classify this ‘News’.



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