A Strong Muslim Identity Is the Best Defense Against Extremism

Time: Those who say Islam is the problem are ignorant

Since 9/11, “reforming” Islam under the guise of combatting extremism has become increasingly financially lucrative. More than $57 million has been spent to promote fear of Islam and Muslims. And it seems like everyone’s an expert—including those who have no actual education or scholarship on Islamic jurisprudence.

In a 2012 study analyzing the top 25 most popular anti-Muslim activists in America, the Muslim Political Action Committee (MPAC) found: “Only 1 out of the 25 individuals examined have qualifications that would make him/her an expert on Islam.” Perhaps most relevant to combatting extremism the report rightly concluded: “Relying on individuals who lack academic qualifications about the subjects, one which they claim to be an expert, has severe negative consequences for our national security.” In other words, pseudo-scholars don’t stop extremism—they can create extremism.

For example, a recent TIME piece argues that New Atheism, which emerged post 9/11, is the solution to extremism and violence in the Muslim world because it allegedly speaks “honestly about religion.” This empty rhetoric obfuscates that throughout their so-called “honest” advocacy, the most prominent New Atheists have spoken from a position of ignorance to promote ideas and policies that have fostered extremism. For example, Christopher Hitchens advocated for the Iraq War—which has left more than 500,000 civilians dead, a region in disarray, and as President Obama admits, led to the rise of ISIS. Ayaan Hirsi Ali has advocated for a military destruction of Islam by “any means necessary.” Not a destruction of radicalism, but of Islam itself. Richard Dawkins has also slammed Islam: for example, in a 2013 tweet, he wrote: “Haven’t read Koran so couldn’t quote chapter & verse like I can for Bible. But often say Islam greatest force for evil today[.]”


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  1. What is a Strong Muslim Identity?
    Extremist Muslims follow the ancient Islamic laws strongly like ISIS, Saudi, Iran and others.

    These are the ancient Islamic identity as below;

    1. Women are forbidden to go outside without accompanied by her brother when out of the house.
    2. Women should stay home, do not need to have good education at all.
    3. Women are forbidden to shake hand with a man.
    4. Women have to covered all her body, except two eyes, like the terrorist cloth or Burqa.
    5. Women are forbidden to sing a song at public place, or on TV. and music
    6. Women are forbidden to marry a Christian man, and Jews.
    7. Women and men have to seat separately in Bus, school, and mall.
    8.Women and men are forbidden to eat meat that slaughtered by Christian and Jews.
    9. Women are forbidden to participate Miss Universe competition.
    10. Women are forbidden to be leader, or as imam of Mosque.
    11. Women will get inheritance half of man.
    12. Music is prohibited , because Muhammad did not do that.
    13. Christian and Jews or disbeliever are forbidden to hold a position in Government.
    14. Muslims are forbidden to eat meat that be slaughtered by Jews or Christian or disbeliever.
    15. Muslims are forbidden to say; “Merry Christmas” to friends of christian.
    16. The harsh punishment are still implemented such as flogging, beheading, cut off hands etc at front of public.

    There are so many thousand of Hadith which explain how the life of Prophet Muhammad (saw) was. Most of them are not syariat Islam but Old Arab culture.

    Our question is how to follow Sunnah or the life of Muhammad( saw) rightly, professionally as a role model for Muslim in this 21st Century ?


  2. ‘Muslims are forbidden to say; “Merry Christmas” to friends of christian’ – .Islamic laws are translations from judaism – judaism predates the Bible and the Qur’an.- judaism predates the crucifixion. The incident of the life and crucifixion of JC is added on/into the Bible and Qur’an. 600 years after the crucifixion; Mohammed was troubled; fled; considered throwing himself off a cliff; went to the Christians; eventually dictated the Qur’an whilst in a trance. The difference between the Bible and the Qur’an; the Bible was picked up from the deciples and Paul, whereas the Qur’an was dictated by Mohammed whilst in a trance. Both the Bible and the Qur’an originate in the judaism scriptures. Comparing all three, judaism scriptures, Bible, and Qur’an is the proof.

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