Day: September 28, 2016

Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia Fights Takfir

Riyadh- Saudi Scholars stated that takfir accusations, the act of declaring someone as kafir (non-believer), have become a misconception that results in various damages. They also affirmed that only Allah can determine this, given that suspicion is not sufficient to make such judgntse Referencee:

While the world looks at Yemen: Palestinian families forced to raze their homes amid spike in Israeli-enforced demolitions

SEPT. 28, 2016 JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Two Palestinian families in the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Beit Hanina were forced to demolish their own homes for being built without licenses on Wednesday, in order to avoid the expensive demolition fines imposed by the Jerusalem municipality when its employees carry out […]

Anti-blasphemy in the digital age: When hardliners take over

REPORT Joelle Fiss September 2016 DOWNLOAD Download the full report Given the rise of media and information technology, the debate over anti-blasphemy laws has become one of international importance. Cutting across different regions and faiths, blasphemy laws have triggered instability, empowered extremists, and increased sectarian violence. With frequently vague wording, they […]

Donald Trump’s woeful debate likely to worsen problems with women WASHINGTON — How did Donald Trump’s performance at the first presidential debate hurt him with women? “How much time have you got?” said Katie Packer, a veteran Republican strategist who specializes in persuading female voters. There was his manner — glowering, contemptuous, interrupting his female opponent dozens of times. […]