Day: September 30, 2016

If India and Pakistan go to war…

Source: ET Aside from the obvious human cost, the repercussions of war between the nuclear-armed neighbours will be far-reaching. PHOTO SOURCE: NDTV As if the world did not have enough conflicts to handle, Pakistan and India are adding to the tension. While experts rule out a full-scale war between the […]

The economics of anger

Source: Dawn ACROSS the world, the politics of anger has been playing out over the past year. And it has become shriller with the passage of time. Britain’s vote to exit the European Union and the rise of Donald Trump’s fiery brand of politics have been the most overt and […]

Flaws in Curbing Violence Against Women Omissions in the work of state institutions in cases of violence against women, primarily a lack of exchange of information, increase the number of fatal outcomes, according to the findings of Ombudsman Saša Janković. Improving the framework for suppressing violence against women is one of the criteria in Serbia’s […]

Bulgaria MPs Ban Burqa in Public

Source: Balkan Insight Bulgarian MPs on Friday banned the wearing of veils that cover the face – a bill proposed earlier this year by the nationalistic coalition, Patriotic Front. The  so-called “burqa ban” was passed on a second reading with overwhelming support. In a sign of ethnic tension over the […]