Khamenei calls for ending Saudi Arabia’s control over Haj

Source: Dawn

TEHRAN: With Iranians blocked from this month’s Haj pilgrimage, their supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei issued a furious rebuke to Saudi Arabia, saying the Muslim world should challenge its management of Islam’s holiest sites.

“Saudi rulers who have blocked the proud and faithful Iranian pilgrims’ path to the Beloved’s House, are disgraced and misguided people who think their survival on the throne of oppression is dependent on defending the arrogant powers of the world, on alliances with Zionism and the US,” Khamenei said.

He accused Saudi Arabia’s ruling family, who are the custodians of Islam’s holiest sites in Makkah and Madina, of politicising the annual Haj pilgrimage, due to start at the end of the week, turning themselves into “small and puny Satans who tremble for fear of jeopardising the interests of the Great Satan (the United States)”.

For the first time in almost three decades, Iranians have been effectively barred from participating in this year’s pilgrimage to Makkah after talks on logistics and security fell apart.


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