West and the Muslim world

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Religion is one, but not the only reason, why the Muslim world is so unsettled at this time. Demography, the quality of governance, memory of past Western involvement in the Middle East and Central Asia are as important, perhaps even more important than religion.
Past rapid rates of population growth mean that most large Muslim states have very young populations. Three South Asian nations – Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan – have large Muslim majorities while India, by the far the most populous country, has a large Muslim minority. The median age of the Muslim population in the western part of the Islamic world is about 24 years, which means that half of the 1.2 billion people who live here are below that age. A significant proportion of these is in the area’s large cities and have aspirations for leading productive lives most system of governance are unable – or not willing – to provide. Several decades ago, Albert O. Hirschman of Harvard University published a powerful book titled Exit, Voice and Loyalty. Alienated populations choose from the three options listed in the title of the book: many Muslim youth have gone for the option of “exit” from the system. They tried to stage the Arab Spring to bring about systemic change and move their part of the world towards more inclusive political, social and economic structures.


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  1. It is true that almost entire Muslim world is unsettled . Where they are in power , a group of another faith is trying to unsettled them . Interestingly both claim to be a true Muslim . For power , they have crossed all barrier , even they are not sparing children and ladies . These Muslims are doing Jehad in those countries where Muslims are not in power . They kill innocents , children , women and old ; and very proudly accept the responsibility . I am amazed for which Islam they are committing heinous crime ; for that Islam which the rulers of Muslim countries follow or that Islam which opponents follow ? At the same time , one who is suffering is none but Islam and Muslims . Can killing of innocents be justified ? Can anyone be forced to change the name of his religion ?

    • @ Syed Aftab Alam

      We have to admit that our current Islamic teaching, ancient interpretation of Islam by Extremist Clerics / Saudi, Iran, ISIS, creates violence, oppression, discrimination, injustice, killing innocent people, children,women, blasphemy, gay-lesbian, apostate, create poverty and hatred toward Christian, Jewish, and Muslim Shia and Ahmadiyah.

      We Muslims are the ones who need to change. It is a Muslim problem that needs a Muslim solution.

      • Sorry to say but the way Ali Hidayah writes is as if he was some Islamophobic Right-Winger. Yes, some Extremist Clerics create violence, but more violence is created by totally non-religious terrorists like so-called daesh (‘ISIS’). But this does not qualify as ‘our current Islamic teaching’. Our current Islamic Teaching you will find in The Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (www.mta.tv) and in articles by Dr. Zia Shah of The Muslim Times (and others). See also http://www.alislam.org and its large library. This is ‘our current Islamic teaching’.

      • @ Rafiq A
        but more violence is created by totally non-religious terrorists like so-called daesh (‘ISIS’). ===

        It seems to me that ISIS or daesh are not Islam from your perspective.

        You are wrong, Raafiq. You accuse ISIS is not Islam, whereas ISIS follow the ancient Islamic laws, from Caliphat Quran 2;30–women are wearing Burqa Quran 33;59–Quran and the book of Hadith have become constitution of Islamic state–they pray 5 times a day, they do fasting and pay zakat…etc

        ISIS follow the book of Hadith to justify their acts of killing the blasphemer, apostates and infidel etc.

        Beheading people at front of public, according to Al Quran too, What is wrong?

        Rafiq, Isis follow the ancient Islamic laws..am I wrong?

        Yes, I am against the ancient Islamic laws to implement in 21st Century.
        Like; Burqa, Hijab, Beard, beheading, cut off hands, blasphemy law, apostasy law, gay-lesbian law, etc.

        Can you accuse me Islamophobic Right?

        I love the Modren Islam or I am liberal Muslim.

  2. Mr. Ali is right .There are two ideology .. First which which makes the Quranic teaching ” there is no compulsion in the matter of faith ” , irrelevant. This is the turning point from where all injustice takes birth . Unfortunately , a large section of Muslims are of this ideology knowingly or unknowingly . No one talks about second ideology which is ahmadiyya ideology because it is based on love for all . Unless first ideology is not rejected , world can not see the beauty of Islam .

  3. To: Ali Hidayah Islam id a product of the Qur’an. The Qur’an is a product of Judaism. . Christianity is a product of the Bible. The Bible is a product of Judaism. Conclusion:- use your head – both are Judaism in disguise/under different names. Proven: compare, check dates.

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