Former U.S. Counterterrorism Chief Criticizes French Burkini Ban

Source: Time

By Mahita Gajanan

Michael Leiter, former director of the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center, saidFrench bans on full-body burkini swimsuits will cause a division in the country, making it more vulnerable to terrorist attacks.

“I think it certainly really can cause a schism, and schism is exactly what ISIS will look to take advantage of,” Leiter toldABC’s Martha Raddatz, who asked about the effects the burkini ban would have on France.

More than 20 French towns have sought to ban Muslim women from wearing the full-body swimsuit, with the mayor of Cannes saying burkinis are a dangerous “symbol of Islamic extremism.”

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  1. I agree that Burqa,Hijab and Burkini are symbol of Islamic extremism.”
    If you do not stop from beginning will spread over the world, and then if extremist Muslim has a power, they will ban regular swimsuit for sure. —like Turkey.

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