UK: Love for All, Hatred for None: 30,000 Muslims Pledge for a Peaceful Caliphate


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Love for All, Hatred for None: 30,000 Muslims Pledge for a Peaceful Caliphate

© AP Photo/ Yves Logghe

Love is at the core of what the global Ahmadiyya sect of Islam conveys every day, and has done so for well over 100 years. Yet this is not covered by the global news narrative.

“An unstable individual commits an atrocity in the world, and in his distorted state of mind claims it to be in the name of religion and this is global news. Yet the fact that hundreds of thousands of Muslims worldwide are pledging an allegiance to peace and love to all of humankind, and that’s not newsworthy?”

These were the words of one of the many thousands of Ahmadi volunteers gathered at a farm in rural Hampshire this weekend. Upon arriving at the farm, there is a strong sense of community spirit that can be felt instantaneously, akin to the kind once felt in the UK and which has lost its significance, according to another community volunteer from Leicester, or ‘Nayib Naazim’ as they are referred amongst their collective brotherhood.

Up to 30,000 Ahmadi followers are said to be congregating on this usually quiet countryside location over this weekend, 200 acres of land that also happens to be owned by the Ahmadi community.

“Everyone you see working here are all volunteers, and this all gets funded by the community members themselves and for the good of everyone,” a member of the security team explained.

“Think of it as one big community centre that is there to help and support anyone who requires it. And think of this as like our very own Glastonbury Festival, promoting peace and unity amongst everyone. You just have to walk around for a little while and you will feel the spirit and vibe. This is what being a part of our ‘Jamat’ (community) represents.” he… continue reading at

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