Democracy in Islam

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BOTH Islamists and Islamophobes find Islam and democracy incongruent. Some cite a verse that deprecates majority views. To call Islam anti-democracy by citing a brief verse non-contextually is odd. Even in democracy, small ruling groups usually make decisions. Majority only decides who rules. The mode of this decision is the key contrast between democracy and other rules. We must view Islamic stands on such key democracy traits to gauge congruence.

Both Quran and hadith are silent on the first key trait of how rulers get chosen. But silence means Islam views this as a secular issue, best left to people’s wisdom. How the first, most devoted, Muslims chose rulers during the Madina era is instructive. Since no edicts were given to them, their views on this issue clearly represent not edicts for future, but only guidance, to be adapted contextually. In fact, there were variations even in this brief era.


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  1. Democracy in Islam:- Democracy – by ALL the people, equality of rights in society. Islam is not by all the people. Islam is an isolated ‘section’ of religion. What makes Islam worse is test it is a misinterpreted extension of Judaism and is therefore psychologically controlled by/through the scriptures of Judaism, (knowledge of the contents dispels the imaginary myth). This is also true of the Bible.

  2. Always come with built in ideas inherited in you. What is the source and since when is like that.

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