Did Britain Just Get a Racist Foreign Minister in Boris Johnson?

Source: The Daily Beast.

Boris Johnson, whose thirst for spectacularly offensive jokes has already led to multiple apology tours, has now been chosen as the international face of Britain.Britain’s least diplomatic man is the country’s new head of diplomacy.In a decision that installs the court jester as the international face of Britain and brings into question the very credentials that made her prime minister, Theresa May stunned Britain by naming Boris Johnson as her foreign secretary.The reactions from Foreign Office staff—past and present—ranged from “Boris fucking Johnson in Beirut dealing with Syria? I can’t even deal with this lunacy” to “OH FUCK.”This is a man whose thirst for politically incorrect jokes has led him to attack the past, present, and future presidents of the United States in spectacularly offensive style. He has also been forced to apologize to whole cities, countries, and even races over a string of ill-judged and xenophobic remarks.


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