Day: July 30, 2016

Priest’s killing violates Islamic beliefs

Source: ISSUE | TERRORISM Priest’s killing a sin Two men, purportedly “soldiers of the Islamic State,” killed an 85-year-old priest in Normandy, France, Tuesday (“France recoils at priest killing,” Wednesday). The prophet Muhammad commanded, in a covenant with St. Catherine’s monastery, that Christians should not be “offended or disturbed or […]

US lawmaker seeks changes in Pak blasphemy law

Source. TOI A Hindu youth was shot dead on Wednesday as communal tension gripped a district in Pakistan’s Sindh province following alleged desecration of a holy book by a man from the minority community who was arrested for blasphemy.Tension ran high in Mehran Samejo village in Ghotki district after a […]

The 250 People, Places and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter John Kasich OHIO GOVERNOR “Typical politician” “can’t make a deal work” “mathematically dead and totally desperate” “will drop like a rock in the polls” “only looks O.K. in polls against Hillary because nobody views him as a threat and therefore have placed ZERO negative ads against him” “bought and […]

‘Fair is foul and foul is fair…’

Source. ET Radicalisation, that word we all think we now understand, that comes off the shelf as well, and it does not have to be a long and intensive process, it can happen within hours or days. And where there are groups of highly-suggestible people with a powerful sense of […]

Obama — Lord of War

Source. ET In the final stretch of their terms, US presidents tend to market their ‘legacy’, muse about their ‘achievements’ in select interviews, reflect on the end of a glorious era, and so on. Despite saccharine sweet accounts by the likes of The New York Times, the Atlantic, and The […]

Mitt Romney Thinks Donald Trump Could Win The Election

Source. Buzz Feed News Former Republican nominee Mitt Romney said earlier this month he thought Donald Trump could win the presidency, citing Hillary Clinton’s high unfavorable numbers and the unpredictability of the race. Romney was speaking with Republican consultant Mike Murphy’s Radio Free GOPpodcast released two weeks ago when he […]