The Muslim Times mentioned in Live Transmission of Jabuka TV/ Zagreb, Croatia

By Zubair Khan

It was a pleasant surprise when I received a call from TV Journalist Ms Tamara Markovic to participate in live talk show on Jabuka TV.

It is a local TV covering million plus population residing in capital city of Zagreb and surrounding areas.

Occasion arose due to a recently held Humanitarian program conducted by Humanity First. Few items were donated by Ahmadiyya through Humanity First for the children of Cancer Treatment Hospital.

Jabuka TV Team recorded the event and aired it in Live talk show on 17.06.2016. Almost 10 questions were asked about Humanity first, its funding and working around the globe. Last question came as surprise when asked about What is the Muslim Times?

Probably journalist read the event report in Muslim Times. Undersigned got the chance to introduce the Muslim Times with the main motto of Fostering Universal Brotherhood in our Global Village.

This opportunity facilitated the Muslim Times to be known by the Croatian population.

LINK for Jabuka TV (Sorry all in Croatian)

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