‘Muslims Like Us’: BBC planning reality show on Muslims living together

Tower Bridge

Aerial view of Tower Bridge and the River Thames in London at night. Photograph: Jason Hawkes/theguardian.com

Source: The Express Tribune

The BBC has announced plans to launch a reality TV show which will follow a group of Muslims living together.

Produced by the makers of The Great British Bake Off,  ‘Muslims Like Us’ will feature 10 people, including Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, and people who have converted to the faith, who will be invited to live in a house.

Muslim population in UK tops 3 million for the first time

The show aims to explore diversity within the British Muslim community and will invite participants from a range of backgrounds to engage with the local community and interact with a number of non-Muslims.

According to a spokesperson for the BBC, “BBC Two and Love productions are working on a two part series which aims to get behind the headlines and explore the full range of attitudes and beliefs in the British Muslim community today. We will announce further details in due course.”


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  1. ‘Muslims like us’. That is a ridiculous observation. ‘Muslims’ are PEOPLE, as we are. The Qur’an is the Muslims. The Bible is us. People are born independent of books. The oversight is ‘labeling’ people as books.

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