“Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Stands for peace” – Ahmadiyya Imam Syed Shamshad Nasir

News courtesy:
Imam Shamshad, Baitul ul Jaam’e Mosque
2 S 510 Route 53, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
Call: 909-636-8332 | Email: shamshadanasir@gmail.com

Ahmadiyya Muslim Comunity Stands for peace” – Ahmadiyya Imam Syed Shamshad Nasir.

unnamed.jpgImam SHAMSHAD A Nasir was invited in a Turkish American Society at 1415 Hill Ave Wheaton Illinois Chicago area on the 27th of April, in a faith based meeting where about 13 religious leader were also invited.

Pastor George Smith Rector of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church was moderating the meeting.

In a introduction many of them explained about what each leader and his/her congregation is involved for betterment of the people of Glen Ellyn.

The director of Turkish American Society Mr Atilla Ayhan and Mr Haneefi explained how they are trying to help Turkish people and others citizens when they come here in this country, they also showed the Video on the said subject.

Ms Valencia A. Breckinridge explained that she is working to “Feed my starving children”

Imam SHAMSHAD A. Nasir, Regional Missionary of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Comunity in Glen Ellyn said that they are greatly concerned about Peace in the society and world at large.

Peace at home between husband & wife, peace with Mother & Father, Peace with children, peace with family, peace with neighbors and peace in the country we live.

Imam said that the Religion Islam does not allow any body to waste a single drop of water or food so it is absolutely impossible that it will permit to shed blood of innocents. Life of each human is equally sacred in Islam no matter what they believ in.

Imam also invited all attendees to their Ahmadiyya Masjid for next meeting which will take place with the editor of Review of Religion and his team from UK, on 30th April 6 pm.

Thanks to TAS for providing traditional and delicious food (lunch) for all.

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