Poll: Pakistan in dire need to learn from Turkey on matters of law and religion


There are at least 75 verses of the Holy Quran promoting justice and fair play. No verse of the Quran should be interpreted against absolute justice or there will be contradiction in the word of God.

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Majority Pakistanis want legislation to be influenced by Islam, survey reveals

Source: Dawn


KARACHI: Around 78 per cent of Pakistan’s population “strictly supports” that the teachings of Holy Quran should influence the country’s laws, a report by Pew Research Center said.

A research report issued by Pew Research Center on Wednesday titled “Whether Quran should influence laws in countries” posed the question to respondents from 10 countries with significant Muslim populations.


The question was posed in the following words: “Which of the following three statements comes closer to your view: Laws in your country should strictly follow the teachings of the Quran, laws in your country should follow the values and principles of Islam but not strictly follow the teachings of Quran, laws in your country should not be influenced by the teachings of the Quran.”

The report noted a striking variation in the extent to which people think the Holy Quran should influence their nation’s laws.

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How much should the Quran influence our country's laws?

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