Peshawar: First time ever, three Christian women recruited in tribal police

Posted by On April 09, 2016

Christian women in Pakistan

For the very time ever, in the history of the country, three Christian women have been recruited in the Tribal police.

These three Christian women, who have been short- listed from 15 Christian women, who had sent in applications for the vacancy. This job was open for all religions, nonetheless, only 15 Christian women applied for it. Surprisingly, there were no applications from Muslim women. The selected women will have ot work alongside their Muslim male colleagues.

The basic job nature of these three Christian lady police officers is to carry out body searches of women who will be passing through the Torkham border in FATA’S Khyber Agency. Torkham is one of the major border crossings between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Moreover, these lady police officers will also be assisting in house raids.


Speaking after being recruited, 21-year-old, Riffat Abid, one of the three Christian women said, “I do not want to be at home like other women. I want to serve my country and help my family.”

Mehak Ghaffar, another on of the three women is a 20-year-old, Christian. She said the basic reason for applying for this job was to make both meet as she comes from a family with poor financial status. She told that her husband earned a meager amount of 7,000 Rupees per month, which is plainly inadequate to meet the expenses of a household of 12 family members. “This was the happiest day of my life. Our family has been facing extreme poverty for generations and I want to get rid of that,” she said. “At least my kids will not work as sweepers. We, the three women, will be the initial drops of rain for our families,” she continued.

22-year-old, Naila Jabbar, the third successful candidate, said, “I become a man when I leave my home. I am happy that I will support my family.”


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