UK: Private Islamic school printing anti-Semitic libels

A Muslim private school in the UK distributed leaflets condemning British society and reproducing anti-Semitic libels, according to an exclusive expose by Sky News.

Illustrative picture (Photo: © Reuters)

Mufti Zubair Dudha, the founder and head of the Islamic Tarbiyah Academy in Dewsbury in northen England, produced the leaflets. One quotes the famous anti-Semitic forgery ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.’ Another accuses television, magazines and other elements of mainstream culture of “poison the thinking and minds” of Muslims.

Other leaflets reportedly called on women not to work.

He also reportedly produced leaflets condemning terrorism.

“After what we have seen in Paris and in Brussels and the way in which the Muslim community has come out so strongly in favour of peace and tolerance, I think these kinds of leaflets serve no purpose but to divide in a poisonous and totally reckless way,” Chairman of the Home Office Select Committee Michael Vaz told Sky News.

The Islamic Tarbiyeh Academy teaches 140 elementary-school-aged children in after-school classes. It also runs full time classes for over 16s and adults.

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  1. Coming out of the people in favour of peace and tolerance ( tolerance is not appropriate word , instead of tolerating others we should accept them ) is the need of the hour . It should be encouraged . Silence or silent condemn ( condemnation before our friend / colleagues of other faith ) not only gives wrong message but also nourishes those people who are doing heinous crime against humanity . Now time is to find out those factors which are motivating people to do such barbaric and heinous crime . Unless that source is not attacked , it is difficult to provide the peaceful environment to mankind . It is necessary to reject all those ideologies which create hatred . Difference in opinion or race or creed does not mean that he will be debarred from all rights and will be killed . Muslim mass must ask from those moulvies who issue fatwa _ kufr and wajibul – qatal , that how are they saying while they are saying in Europe , America and India that killing of one innocent is like the murder of entire humanity . Are there two Islam , one for Muslim countries and second for other countries ?

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