Migrant crisis: EU and Turkey hold ‘difficult’ summit

European Union leaders are holding a crucial summit with Turkey on ways of dealing with Europe’s worst refugee crisis since World War Two.

The EU is pressing Turkey, through which many migrants transit, to take some back in return for $3.3bn in aid.

The Brussels talks have been extended into a working dinner between the 28 EU leaders and Turkish PM Ahmet Davutoglu.

Meanwhile Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the EU of failing to deliver on the promised aid.

“It’s been four months,” Mr Erdogan said in Ankara. “My prime minister is currently in Brussels. I hope he will return with the money.”

Turkey is currently sheltering more than 2.5 million refugees from the civil war in neighbouring Syria.

The EU wants it to take back thousands of migrants who do not qualify for asylum. In return Turkey is seeking full access for its citizens across the EU’s visa-free zone and accelerated talks on EU membership.

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Last year, more than a million people entered the EU illegally by boat, mainly going from Turkey to Greece.

Many migrants leave Greece in an attempt to reach northern Europe, but eight countries have introduced temporary border controls.

Some 13,000 migrants are currently stranded in northern Greece, after Macedonia closed its border to all but a trickle.

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