Day: March 3, 2016

Beware: Exploding Politics

Source: The New York Times By Thomas L. Friedman When the U.S. military trains fighter pilots, it uses a concept called the OODA loop. It stands for observe, orient, decide, act. The idea is that if your ability to observe, orient, decide and act in a dogfight at 30,000 feet […]

How Muslim women are winning the 2016 campaign

Source: CNN (CNN)This presidential election season we’ve paid much attention to the anti-Muslim ideas some presidential candidates like Donald Trump spew — and rightfully so. Most political candidates would never dare make such utterances about any other religious minority group. Still, in the midst of the vitriol and alarming political rhetoric, […]

Merkel’s Humane Refugee Policies Have Failed

der Spiegel From today’s perspective, Sept. 5, 2015, feels like an eternity ago. That was the day when the chancellor made the decision to allow refugees who had been detained in Hungary to come to Germany. It was the day when she decided to adopt a humanitarian refugee policy […]