India: Karnataka Muslim Girl Tops Ramayana Exam With 93%

India: Karnataka Muslim Girl Tops Ramayana Exam With 93%

Kevin Mendonsa | TNN | Feb 12, 2016

MANGALURU: Here’s a good example of religious tolerance in a district often troubled by the lack of it -Fathimath Rahila of Puttur has secured the first place in the Ramayana Exam.

The class 9 student from a Muslim family got 93% to be the Puttur taluk topper in the examination, conducted by the Bharatha Sanskriti Prathisthan in November 2015.

A student of Sarvodaya High School, Sulliapadavu, located on the Karnataka-Kerala border, she was keen on pursuing a course in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.”Her uncle supported her in this,” says her father, Ibrahim M, who works in a factory. Her mother is a homemaker. The couple wanted their daughter to top the state exam.

“She put in a lot of effort every day to top in Karnataka, but could not achieve it,” says Ibrahim.

Fathimath developed an interest in epic Hindu literature in class 9. “I prepared from the beginning of the academic year with my uncle’s help,” she says, adding: “I want to appear for the Mahabharata exam too”. Shivarama HD, principal of her school, and P Satyashankar Bhat, coordinator of the exam, said students appear for exams after self-study and none of them are forced to appear for it.

“The exam is more about literature and contains no literature and contains no religious content,” said Satyashankar.

Around 39 students wrote the exam this year from Sarvodaya High School. Shivarama said only students from class 8 and class 9 are allowed to write these exams while SSLC students are discouraged as they have to appear for the board exams.

“Fathimath, who will be take up the SSLC examination next year, wants to study for the Mahabharata exam during the summer vacation,” he said.



More than half of all teenage girls in Pakistan believe domestic violence is justified, report reveals

Victoria Richards | The Independent | Feb 11, 2016

A report carried out by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has revealed that troublingly, more than half of all teenage girls in Pakistan believe that domestic violence is justified for at least one reason.

Refusing sex was just one of the reasons girls aged between 15 and 19 believed a husband would be justified in beating his wife, while more than 30 per cent of girls of the same age had already experienced physical or sexual violence in Pakistan.

The report, entitled ‘Sexual and Reproductive Health of Young People in Asia and the Pacific’, also included data from Cambodia, India, Bangladesh and Nepal which revealed similar attitudes about violence against women among teenage boys, the Express Tribune reported.

Between 25 and 51 per cent said that wife beating was justified.

It was discovered that factors such as low education, unemployment and family history of violence were linked to acceptance of violence in the home.

Pakistan was also revealed as one of the countries where the greatest number of adolescents aged between 10 and 19 live with HIV.

India (120,000) has the largest population of HIV-positive adolescents followed by Indonesia (46,000), Thailand (11,000), Myanmar (7,700), Pakistan (7,000), Cambodia (3,500), Iran (3,200), Viet Nam (2,600) and Nepal (1,200).

And when it comes to awareness of sexual health, only 28 per cent of young men aged between 15 and 24 in Pakistan, and less than half of 15 and 24-year-old girls know that condoms can prevent HIV.



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