Day: February 12, 2016

‘Void of action’

Feb 11,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – George S. Hishmeh These days, focus on the Middle East, particularly the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, has virtually disappeared.  The position of the Palestinians, led by the Palestine Liberation Organisation, hardly makes it into the US media. Americans are nowadays more involved in […]

Islamisation of Pakistan’s legal system

Source: Daily Times It is a losing proposition for liberals to engage the clergy, especially given that there are no liberal scholars of Islam grounded in Islamic history and jurisprudence, at least in Pakistan, who can challenge the established sectarian narratives of Barelvis and Deobandis Justice A R Cornelius, being […]

Depriving Ahmadiyah of Their Rights

Mosque of Ahmadiyah community is being banned from any religious activities by the Bekasi government. TEMPO/Dian Triyuli Handoko HOMEEDITORIAL WEDNESDAY, 10 FEBRUARY, 2016 | 16:34 WIB TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The expulsion of Ahmadiyah followers from Bangka has shown once again the weakness of the state when it comes to protecting minorities. […]