Day: February 11, 2016

Müslüm: Integration through comedy

IMMIGRATION SATIRE Müslüm: Integration through comedy By EMBED CODE FEB 10, 2016 – 11:00 Swiss-Turkish comedian Müslüm is using humour to raise awareness of the issues surrounding immigration in a new television series. (SRF/ Swiss public television, SRF1, is airing new series this spring looking at the country’s […]

Absurdity of the war in Syria

ALI IBRAHIM Published — Thursday 11 February 2016 Fighters from Chechnya are on both sides of the conflict; on one side they guide Russian aircraft to their targets and on the other they fight Daesh extremists in Syria and Iraq to participate in their absurd war, which has damaged the […]

No clash of civilisations

Feb 10,2016 – JORDAN TIMES – Fausto Fernández Borge The history of civilisation shows to what extent, ever since Homo sapiens appeared in Africa, approximately 150,000-200,000 years ago, this exceptional being has been intrinsically universalistic: namely, one who is willing to set aside personal or familial interests in favour of cooperation […]