Day: February 13, 2016

Amazing Flowers that even Darwin can’t explain – Mother Nature

Not touched by Photoshop Hooker’s Lips (PsychotriaElata)    Dancing Girls (ImpatiensBequaertii)   Laughing Bumble Bee Orchid (Ophrysbbomyblifora)   Swaddled  Babies (AnguloaUniflora)   Parrot Flower (ImpatiensPsittacina)   Flying Duck Orchid (Caleana  Major)   An orchid that looks remarkably like a  tiger   Happy Alien (CalceolariaUniflora)   And his friends…   Angel […]

HRW urges Indonesia to lift ban on Ahmadis

Jakarta. International human rights advocacy group Human Rights Watch  urged President Joko Widodo’s administration to lift a ban on the Ahmadiyah religious community placed by local authorities in Subang, West Java. The New York-based watchdog said Subang district officials and Muslim clerics issued a letter that bans all Ahmadiyah activities […]