Day: February 7, 2016

Religion and politics in the United States

Source: Tribune By Shahid Javed Burki The writer is a former caretaker finance minister and served as vice-president at the World Bank The drama surrounding the American election has reached the political stage. There are still nine months left before the country’s citizens cast their votes to elect the successor […]

Houthis, Saudis and jihadis

Yemen Houthis, Saudis and jihadis The three-way war in Yemen is not going well IF EVER a war caused pointless death and destruction, it is the one in Yemen. The Houthis, a rebel force, ousted the government from Sana’a, the capital, earlier this year but are nowhere near their aim […]

Religious diplomacy in Iraq

In Shia Muslims’ holiest site, a new openness to other faiths Dec 5th 2015  CORDIAL encounters between representatives of different creeds are common enough in the Western world, whether the organisers are universities, governments or NGOs. (In the latter case, inter-faith activity is often aimed at building bridges by tackling […]