Iran’s Rezaee sees possibility of regional war if Saudis enter Syria

Iran’s Rezaee sees possibility of regional war if Saudis enter Syria
Tehran Times Political Desk

TEHRAN – Mohsen Rezaee, the former chief of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, has not ruled out the possibility of a widespread war in the Middle East if Saudi soldiers enter Syria.

The remarks by Rezaee, posted on his Instagram page, came immediately after Brigadier General Ahmed al-Asiri, the spokesman of Saudi Arabia’s Defense Ministry, said that the Saudi kingdom has offered for the first time to send ground troops to Syria to fight what he claimed Daesh militants.

Rezaee, the current secretary of the Expediency Council who has returned to the IRGC after 18 years, said such an announcement is a kind of collusion between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia aimed at saving the Takifi terrorists.

“After Daesh’s defeat in Iraq (Ramadi) and Syria (especially Aleppo) Saudi Arabia and the U.S. decided to dispatch the Saudi soldiers to Syria in order to rescue the rest of the Takfiris and provoke clash with the Syrain Army,” he wrote.

He predicted that if Saudi forces enter the war-stricken Syria the possible “serious” war may involve Syria and Russia against Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Undoubtedly, the whole region, especially the Saudi government, will “burn in fire” if the Saudi government takes action in sending forces to Syria, he added.

According to Reuters, Bahraini ambassador to Britain Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed al-Khalifa said in a statement that Bahrain would commit troops to operate “in concert with the Saudis” under what he called the international coalition against terrorism.

On Friday, U.S. Central Command spokesman Pat Ryder welcomed Saudi Arabia’s willingness to send soldiers against Daesh.


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