Obama Visits Mosque In U.S. For First Time During His Presidency

obama mosque

President Obama participates in a roundtable discussion with members of the Muslim community Wednesday while visiting the Islamic Society of Baltimore in Windsor Mill, Md.

Source: NPR

President Obama is delivering remarks at a mosque in Baltimore on Wednesday afternoon, in the first visit to an American mosque he’s made during his presidency.

His visit, which will also include a roundtable with Muslim community members, is intended to “reaffirm the importance of religious freedom” to life in America, the White House says.

In his speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore, the president is expected to say that rejecting bigotry is a core American value.

The president has visited mosques in other countries, but had not previously visited any in the U.S., The Associated Press reports. The wire service notes that Wednesday’s speech is one of several religiously themed visits he’s making this winter.

“He is set to speak to the nation’s Christian leaders at the annual National Prayer Breakfast on Thursday, and last week warned against the rise of religious intolerance during a ceremony at the Israeli Embassy,” the AP writes.

Visiting a mosque to reiterate America’s commitment to religious tolerance has a noteworthy precedent. Days after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, then-President George W. Bush visited the Islamic Center in Washington, D.C., to say that the intimidation of Muslims “should not and will not stand in America.”

“The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam,” Bush said. “That’s not what Islam is all about. Islam is peace.”

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3 replies

  1. I hope that Obama can also speak out against the persecution of Non-Muslims in the Muslim World, and tell Muslim World to end the discrimination of Non-Muslims, and also call Wealthy Gulf States to accept Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

    Muslim America should speak up to urge Islamic states for freedom of religion and treat all religious minorities fair and just.

    If you can not do it, Islamphobia has a right to retaliate in United States.

    Was Salam

  2. Ali hidayah , what you are expecting from President Obama , in fact it is the duty of muslims . Muslims must reject that ideology which allows the murder of innocent people . Now , it is up to american muslims what response they give . If they succeed in presenting that Islam which says ” there is no compulsion in the matter of faith ” , ” a believer is he from whose hands & tongue , others are safe ” , ” nationalism is an integral part of faith ” , ” murder of one innocent is like the murder of entire humanity ” , etc. If they succeed in demonstrating that Islam which not only tolerate others but accept others as according to the holy Quran ” your religion is for you and mine for me ” . If they succeed in respecting others as prophet Mohammad SAW stood up when saw a dead body of Jew ; if they succeed in proving ” love for all , hatered for none & humanity first ” ; believe. there will be no Islamophobia . At the same time you will not only change the increasing Islam allover the world but will also succeed in isolating those muslim groups who permit the murder of innocents and say that kill the disbeliever & get heaven .

  3. This visit to the mosque and President Obama’s exhortation to the Muslims to create an anti terror ideology has inspired the True Islam campaign geared to adddress the terrorists group. “

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