Poll: 29% of all Americans, including 43% of Republicans, say they think President Obama is a Muslim

By Jennifer Agiesta, CNN Polling Director

Washington (CNN) A new CNN/ORC poll finds that although misperceptions about Barack Obama’s religious beliefs and background persist, they are not as widespread as some recent polling has suggested. Obama was born in Hawaii and is a Christian.

Overall, when asked “Where was Obama born, as far as you know?” 80% of adults said they believe Obama was born in the United States. The other 20% said that he was born outside the country, including 9% who believe there is solid evidence of that and 11% who say it is just their suspicion.

Misperceptions about Obama’s religious beliefs are more common than those about his birth, particularly among Republicans. Overall, 29% of Americans say they think the President is a Muslim, including 43% of Republicans.

The findings suggest beliefs about Obama’s birth are remarkably stable: When ABC News and the Washington Post asked this question in the same way in April 2010, 77% of adults said Obama was born in the United States, 20% said in another country, with just 9% saying there was solid evidence Obama was not born in the United States.

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While some polling has suggested that substantial numbers of Republicans, particularly Donald Trump’s backers, doubted that Obama was born in the United States, the new survey suggests most Republicans think Obama was born in the country.

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  1. A muslim by definition means one who surrenders and submits to the laws of God. As almighty God is the creator of the heavens and the earth and the creation in it, nothing in the creation works at its own free will…that is it follows a law and nothing can break or change that law unless the almighty wills.
    Barack Obama (like every single human being) was naturally born as a Muslim but chose by external influence to adopt something outside the natural way of life (Islam)


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