Charlie Hebdo Mocks The Death of Syrian Child Aylan Kurdi

Rabat – While newspapers across the world have paid tribute to Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler who became the symbol of the refugee crisis, Charlie Hebdo has featured cartoons of the toddler, mocking his death.

Eight months after the terroristic attack that hit its headquarters in Paris in January, the French satirical magazine is back to the spotlight with a new controversial set of cartoons.

Hiding behind the freedom of speech, Charilie Hebdo made fun of the death of Aylan Kurdi, who was found dead recently on a Turkish beach, in two offensive drawings.

Entitled “So Close to His Goal”, the first drawing features Aylan lying face down on the sand near a publicity board of a 2-for-1 McDonald Happy Meal saying what translates into: “Two menus of children for the price of one.”

first drawing

The second cartoon is entitled “The Proof that Europe is Christian.” It shows the little child drowning in the waters. On the left side, a man, supposedly Jesus, stands on the water while saying “Christians walk on waters… Muslims kids sink.”


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  1. Negative sells.I seek refuge with God from the Satan,the rejected.To Allah we All belong to Allah we shall return.The one who walks on water will also taste death one day.Man is mortal.

  2. Mocking? Perhaps. Satire is not well understood in some cultures.

    Perhaps they are mocking the hipocrasy of America and the immigration policy of europe. the fact is that we don’t know the intent of the cartoonist and we have to decide for ourselves what is meant.

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