Day: September 8, 2015

Pakistan: Pork meat sold near Lahore Railway station

Besides pork, horse, donkey, other types of meat sold here اہورریلوے اسٹیشن کے قریب سے کئی من سورکا گوشت برآمد، ملزم گرفتار ویب ڈیسک  بدھ 2 ستمبر 2015   کارروائی کے دوران ایک شخص کو حراست میں بھی لے لیا گیا ہے۔ فوٹو: فائل لاہور: پنجاب فوڈ اتھارٹی نے ریلوے اسٹیشن کے قریب کارروائی […]

Lessons from Malaysia

Sep 07,2015 – JORDAN TIMES Malaysia’s efforts to modernise were not easy; they met resistance and obstacles, but with determination and the cooperation of all segments of society, including ethnic groups that were at loggerheads almost half a century ago, this Southeast Asian country managed to achieve great successes. The country’s […]

Russia: We’ll Keep Arming Syria

Source: The Daily Beast Russia’s foreign ministry pushed back Monday at the U.S. warning that the Kremlin was escalating the conflict in Syria, arguing that its policy to support President Bashar al-Assad’s government in the fight against extremists has been longstanding. “We have always supplied equipment to them for their […]

PKK kills 16 Turkish soldiers

Source: Arab News ANKARA: Turkey’s military says 16 soldiers were killed in a Kurdish rebel attack against troops in southeast Turkey on Sunday. A military statement on Monday said six other soldiers were wounded in the attack in the mainly Kurdish Hakkari province, which border Iraq and Iran. Rebels of […]