God or No God? — The Real Fairytale

Huff Post: I recently wrote a blog post demonstrating no conflict exists between science and faith. The perceived conflict exists only in the minds of those who misunderstand one or the other. This is why ignorant Mullahs in the religious world feel threatened by science, just the same way as new atheists — Mullahs of the atheist world — insist faith is the enemy.

In response to the article, some atheists asked, “If no such conflict exists, then why didn’t you become a scientist by studying the Koran, instead of physics and chemistry?” This is a common straw man fallacy. I never claimed the Koran is a book of science — I said the Koran urges believers to pursue the sciences by promoting investigation, inquiry and critical thought. The Koran contains scientific truths, and it never contradicts any established scientific truth.

I was falsely accused of proselytizing and kicked out of a couple of the atheist forums I shared these views on. Some atheists said I must be delusional to be a scientist while believing in a “fairytale” like God. I have no doubt that the “God” these atheists have in mind is indeed a fairytale. But is the God I believe in also a fairytale? Or is belief in existence without a Creator the real fairytale?

Let us answer this question with the help of science. I start by posing a simple question. Think about a random chocolate bar. How do you think it came into being?

A. Through the help of an external force or agency. Isn’t that common sense?
B. Magically appeared out of “nothing”. Ever watch Disney cartoons?
C. It could either have come into existence through an external force or have appeared “out of thin air”. We can never be wholly sure since we did not witness the exact moment when the bar came into existence.

When I posed this question on social media, most volunteers picked option A in an instant. For some others, a straight answer was almost impossible to get, even though it was actually quite obvious. Interestingly, all of those who dodged the question identified as atheists.