Day: July 14, 2015

Radical Australian imam says Wilders is satan

A radical Australian imam has described Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders as a devil and satan in audio tape published on the Telegraaf newspaper’s website. The paper says the speech was put on a closed jihadist website and is known to the Dutch security services. In the speech, Feiz Muhammad […]

Canada: Lifestyle stores market to modern Muslims

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Meet America’s Only Openly Gay Imam

He’s black. And he’s Muslim. Think that’s not hard enough? He’s gay. Think that’s still not hard enough? He’s an Imam. And he loves life. Think you have challenges in your life? What do you think the challenges are for a gay, black, Muslim who is the United States’ first […]

An Empire Strikes Back

Source: Stratfor: The key event was the Greek referendum on the European Union’s demand for further austerity in exchange for infusions of cash to save the Greek banking system. The Syriza party had called the vote to strengthen its hand in dealing with the European demands. The Greek government’s view […]