Day: July 31, 2015

Is Britain really full up? Are migrants taking our jobs? Leading academic answers the most common anti-immigration claims Thousands of migrants have attempted to cross into the UK from France in recent days

PROFESSOR JOHN SALT , KASHMIRA GANDER Friday 31 July 2015 The migrant crisis gripping Calais shows no sign of abating, with 3,500 people attempting to illegally travel to the UK via the Channel Tunnel in just two days. As people attempt to flee bloody conflicts, oppressive regimes and poverty by […]

Defending Religion From Itself

FP: by Knox Thames — The biggest threat to religious freedom is religious extremism. The world must recognize this — and act. Genuine democracy and political stability require “freedom of religion — because when people are free to practice their faith as they choose, it helps hold diverse societies together.” […]

War is greatest worry for the Swiss

Worry barometer War is greatest worry for the Swiss By and agencies Jul 31, 2015 – 09:58 War is the greatest worry for people in neutral Switzerland (Keystone) Almost half (43%) of Swiss are worried about war, according to a nationwide representative survey. Perhaps surprisingly, immigration was ranked only […]