UK: Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Welcomes PM’s Plans to Tackle Extremism


David Cameron sets out five-year plan to combat extremism

David Cameron has set out a five-year plan to combat home-grown extremism, promising to tackle the “failures of integration” that has left some young Britons attracted to Islamic State and other fundamentalist causes. Speaking in Birmingham, the Prime Minister announced measures including:

A new Extremism Bill which will contain “narrowly-targeted” powers to target extremist “facilitators and cult leaders” whose aim is to “groom young people and brainwash their minds.

The introduction of a scheme to enable parents to apply to have their children’s passports removed if they suspect them of planning to travel abroad to join a radical group.

Tackling sectarian and communal segregation in schools.

Muslim association welcomes plans to tackle extremism

Jamal Akbar from the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association has welcomed the government’s plans to tackle extremism.

However, he cautioned that inherently within the David Cameron’s message “there’s still an undertone that there is a large group of Muslims in the UK that secretly support Isis. What evidence there is for that is to be seen”.

Jamal Akbar said 'radical ideologies' are against the teachings of Islam.

But he added “any approach the government take to tackle extremism is welcomed in any community”.

He also suggested that Muslim communities could also help the effort by speaking against Isis in their sermons “and give the youth the tools and the strength to fight against these radical ideologies which are totally against the teachings of Islam”.


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