From the German Press: One Mosque opened nicely, another one not given building permission (yet)

A mosque in the Mecca for Catholics

The mosque is tucked away in an industrial area . But otherwise, the members of the Ahmadiyyacommunity in Vechta are satisfied with their new house of worship . The new home of the Muslims is a handsome brick building with two nine-foot ornamental minarets and a five -meter-high dome on the roof . On Tuesday afternoon, the mosque was opened by the spiritual leader of the community, Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad. The ceremony was attended by Ahmadiyya Muslimsfrom all over Germany and numerous representatives of the town of Vechta and from surrounding communities.
Read more here: (in German),moschee398.html


No mosque for Buxtehude

No mosque will for the time being be built in Buxtehude. According to the city administrationa reason is the proximity to a chemical plant. The planned house of worship would be within acomprehensive 235-meter distance zone to the chemical company. In this area nothing should be built for safety reasons. Residents also had feared that traffic would increase in their area by visiting the mosque and there was insufficient parking available.

Religious community wants to examine decision
Proponents of the mosque had received threats from the extreme right in the past.A Protestant pastor from Buxtehude, who had called for the religious diversity, was also insulted by e-mail. The Ahmadiyya religious community wanted to build on a 2,300 square meter plot a mosque of 280 square meters with a 14 meter high ornamental minaret. A spokesman for the denomination said the decision of the city was to be examined. If necessary, they would try to use legal means to enforce a building.

READ MORE HERE (in German),moschee374.html

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