Day: June 28, 2015

Having a Smaller Carbon Footprint in Ramadan

Source: The Huffington Post By Zaher Sahloul; President of The Syrian American Medical Society We are blessed to welcome Ramadan again this year. It is a time for fasting, spiritual fulfillment, emotional rebalancing, mental reflection and physical purification. Ramadan is the ideal time for balancing the spirit, the mind and the […]

Shelter from the storm in Europe

Jun 29,2015 –  by Mohamed A. El-Erian Dark clouds are lowering over Europe’s economic future, as three distinct tempests gather: the Greek crisis, Russia’s incursion in Ukraine and the rise of populist political parties. Though each poses a considerable threat, Europe, aided by the recent cyclical pickup, is in a […]

Mayor of Milpitas address Iftar Dinner at Baitul Maseer Mosque, Ahmadiyya Muslim Silicon Valley event: Fiji Sun

MILPITAS CITY MAYOR, Jose Esteves yesterday praised Ahmadiyya Muslim Silicon Valley for being a real role model for peace, justice and community relations at their annual Iftar Dinner that attracts a large number of interfaith members. In his welcome address the Naib Ameer West Coast, Wasim Malik outlined the […]

Muslim pilot appointed guardian of Hindu orphaned children

Source: The Tribune Express NEW DELHI: Indian Muslim pilot Muhammad Shah Nawaz Zaheer was appointed the guardian of two orphaned Hindu children in a ground-breaking decision by the Delhi High Court. Terming the move a ‘noble endeavour’, the Delhi High Court appointed Zaheer as the guardian of twins Ayush and Prarthana […]