Sharif, Sharif and us — again


The MQM is at the receiving end. But who’s yanking the chain? The Rangers report to the interior ministry, which takes orders from the prime minister. But the director general Rangers is a serving general of the Pakistan Army, and thus also reports to the chief of the army staff (COAS). The COAS in turn — technically — reports to the prime minister.

So who really decided it was time to crack the whip, and go after the criminal elements within political parties? We can hazard a guess.

It’s one thing to support a policy, it’s a completely different issue to initiate, motivate and lead it. If there is a singular theme that is defining the emerging civil-military equation now, it is this: Sharif the commander is in the driving seat, while Sharif the civilian sits alongside for the ride.


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  1. “But can Sharif the commander do it? His institution made this mess in the first place. Can he actually clean it up, from Karachi to Khyber, and beyond? If he too becomes a prisoner of institutional limitations, then we are in some very serious existential trouble.”
    As for his personal character and family traits of commander Sharif are concerned he can do it. Mind you he also has the will and courage to do it. However million dollar question would be if he opts to do so. Sharif the civilian, being a very weak and indecisive personality and determined to stick to power chair, will not resist provided Sharif the commander takes the initiative. Assessment of situation shows some sparkling light at the end of the tunnel.

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