Day: March 16, 2015

A step forward by Ahmadiyya Muslim Croatia

From 14.03.2015 , Islam Ahmadiyya Exhibition is on display at Cultural Information Center Zagreb Croatia. At opening ceremony Ahmadiyya Croatia organized a lecture on Goethe and Islam. Eminent scholar of Ahmadiyya Germany Mr Muhammad Luqman was invited to deliver the lecture. He did in excellent way and audience were very […]

MIGRATION: Kosovo exodus concerns Swiss president

MAR 16, 2015 – 19:09 Similarities: Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga (left) and Kosovan counterpart Atifete Jahjaga (Keystone) Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga  has expressed concern about continuing mass emigration from Kosovo during an official visit from Kosovan President Atifete Jahjaga. “The republic needs its own young, qualified citizens,” Sommaruga said in Bern […]

Which superpower will win the battle of hypocrisy? The 125,000 civilian casualties of the two Chechen wars elicited far less passion in the West than the fatalities in Syria

by Robert Fisk, The Independent Strange, isn’t it, how every time we have a “crisis” in the Middle East, the Russians step in to take advantage of it? Or so it looks. No sooner have we identified Isis/the Islamic Caliphate/Daesh as the most apocalyptic, end-of-the-world antagonist since Hitler/Napoleon/Nero/Genghis Khan, than […]