This year Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize went to a Hindu Humanitarian Sou. Sindhutai Sapkal

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Sou. Sindhutai Sapkal the Mother of Orphans is receiving Ahmadiyya Peace Prize from His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad


It is not righteousness that you turn your faces to the East or the West, but truly righteous is he who believes in Allah and the Last Day and the angels and the Book and the Prophets, and spends his money for love of Him, on the kindred and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer and those who ask for charity, and for ransoming the captives.  (Al Quran 2:178)

March 14, 2015

The 2014 Ahmadiyya Muslim Prize for the Advancement of Peace goes to Sou. Sindhutai Sapkal. She is also known as Mother of Orphans[1]  and is an Indian social worker and social activist known particularly for her work for raising orphan children.

She received the Ahmadiyya Peace Prize today from  His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who is the worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the National Peace Symposium held in London.

Early life and education

She was born on 14 November 1948 at Pimpri Meghe village in Wardha district Maharashtra to Abhimanji Sathe, a cowherd by profession. Being an unwanted child, she was nicknamed ‘Chindhi’ (torn piece of cloth). Her father was keen on educating Sindhutai, much against the wishes of her mother. Abhimanji used to send her to school under the pretext of cattle grazing, where she would use ‘leaf of Bharadi Tree’ as a slate as she could not afford a real slate because of financial reasons. Abject poverty, family responsibilities and an early marriage forced her to quit formal education after she passed 4th grade.[2]

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Marriage and early work of Sou. Sindhutai Sapkal

At the age of 10, she got married to Shrihari Sapkal alias Harbaji, a 30-year-old cowherd from Navargaon village in Wardha District. She bore 3 sons by the time she turned 20. She put up a successful agitation against a local strongman who was fleecing the villagers on collection of dried cow dung used as fuel in India and selling it in collusion with forest department, without paying anything to the villagers. Her agitation brought the district collector to her village and on realising she was right, he passed an order which the strongman did not like. Stung by the insult at the hands of a poor woman, he managed to convince her husband to abandon her when she was beyond 9 months of her pregnancy. She gave birth to a baby girl on 14 October 1973 in a cow shelter outside their house that night,all by herself and walked few kilometres away to her mother’s place, who refused to shelter her. She had to set aside the thought of suicide and started begging on railway platforms for food. In the process, she realised that there are so many children abandoned by their parents and she adopted them as her own and started begging even more vigorously to feed them. She decided to become a mother to anyone and everyone who came across to her as an orphan. She later donated her biological child to the trust Shrimant Dagdu Sheth Halwai, Pune, only to eliminate the feeling of partiality between her daughter and the adopted ones.[3]

Later work

She has devoted her entire life for orphans. As a result she is fondly called ‘Mai'(mother). She has nurtured over 1050 orphaned children. As of today, she has a grand family of 207 son-in-laws, 36 daughter-in-laws and over 1000 grandchildren. She still continues to fight for the next meal. Many of the children whom she adopted are well-educated lawyers and doctors, and some, including her biological daughter, are running their own independent orphanages. One of her children is doing a PhD on her life. She has been honoured with over 273 awards for her dedication and work. She used award money to buy land to make a home for her children. Construction has started and she is still looking for more help from the world. Sanmati Bal Niketan is being built in Manjari locality at Hadapsar, Pune where over 300 children will reside.

At the age of 80, her husband came back to her apologetically. She accepted him as her child stating she is only a mother now! If you visit her ashram, she proudly and very affectionately introduces him as her oldest child! In person, she comes across as an unlimited source of energy and very powerful inspiration, with absolutely no negative emotions or blaming anybody.

A marathi film ‘Mee Sindhutai Sapkal’ released in 2010, is a biopic inspired by the true story of Sindhutai Sapkal. The film was selected for world premiere at the 54th London Film Festival.

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5 replies

  1. Unique positions,unique awards,unique ceremony,unique story.Constancy is more than a miracle.I know and watched these kind of Aam Aami(oppressed and looked down upon people).These are some unsung Heroes.It is the Creator who is taking care of these unsung Heroes.
    Chapter 111 Al-Lahab
    Chapter 112 Al-Ikhlas
    Chapter 113 Al-Falaq
    Chapter 112 Al-Ikhlas,Sincerity

    Learn Surah Al-Ikhlas (The Sincerity) ||EASY MEMORIZATION WITH TRANSLITERATION|| ᴴᴰ
    Servant Of Creator
    The ones who are beneficent to the society,stay on the earth if Creator and all compassionate God wants.
    Two of the revelations of the Promised Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qaadiani(peace be on him)
    1.I shall give you a large party of Islam.
    2.PUNjabee Ilhaam,Jay tou mera ho rahayn sub jug tairaa ho.
    If you become mine (creator) all world will be yours People.
    what you sow ,so shall you reap.

  2. Excellent story, nay, an exemplary life of a lady who did not caved in under circumstance, but took courage not only to take of herself, but others as well. God Helps those who help themselves. Her practical life leads us to further reflect upon the verses of the Holy Quran:
    (Al-Qasas,28:78), (Al-Zumar, 39:37) and (Al-Zumar,39:54).
    I humbly suggest that our esteem Daily AlFal should carry an Urdu version of this as well. Congratulations to her.
    Kalimullah Khan

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