New Atheism: The Mother Lode of Bad Ideas

 Mere hours after condemning the murder of three Muslim students at Chapel Hill last month, notorious anti-theist Richard Dawkins happily returned to spreading falsehood and hatred of Islam, tweeting, “Alas, criminal individual killers exist. But there’s only 1 ideology now that preaches the legal killing of dissenters. And it isn’t atheism[.]” In insinuating Islam “preaches the legal killing of dissenters,” Dawkins effectively states that the “criminal individual killer” Hicks merely did what Islam also teaches.

This lie is devoid of any sort of compassion, honesty, or integrity.Contrary to Dawkins’ ungodly delusions about Islam, Islam champions universal religious freedom and condemns any worldly punishment whatsoever for those who leave Islam.

Not long after, Dawkins additionally tweeted, “Atheism is not a moral code. Individual atheists have moral codes, usually thoughtful/compassionate, not religiously absolutist like Stalin.”

Dawkins makes three claims. First, that atheism is not a moral code. Fair enough. Second, that atheists have individual moral codes. Seems reasonable. But third, I had to pause when Dawkins ironically blames religious absolutism for anti-theist dictator Stalin’s horrific murder of tens of millions of people. This illogical statement aside, I’ll agree that most atheists I know are usually thoughtful and compassionate.


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