Terrorism is driven by expansionism, lust for power — King of Jordan

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His Majesty King Abdullah speaks at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday (Photo courtesy of Royal Court)

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah on Tuesday reiterated that the war against terrorism has to be carried out by Muslim nations “first and foremost” because it is a fight within Islam.

In his remarks at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, His Majesty said that Jordan and “other Arab and Muslim states defend not only our people but our faith”, stressing that the Kingdom’s response to the savage murder by Daesh of Jordan’s hero pilot, which “outraged all Jordanians and horrified the world”, has been “swift, serious and determined” (see full text of speech).

Meanwhile, King Abdullah said that the war takes a global dimension because terrorists share with other tyrants in history their blind ambition and expansionism. 

“At the same time, the danger of extremism must be seen for what it is: global. The threat is not only in Syria and Iraq. It has struck Libya, Yemen, Sinai, Mali, Nigeria, the Horn of Africa, Asia, the Americas and Australia…”

“There are those living in Europe today who remember the ravages that struck the continent in the late 1930s and the World War that followed because of an aggressive, expansionist ideology based on hate and disregard for the very essence of humanity. Europe’s war became the world’s war,” the Monarch told European lawmakers, stressing that the lust for power, not faith, is the drive behind terrorism.

“Today, we are fighting a similar war. A war against an expansionist ideology that feeds on hate; that is committing murder in the name of God and religion to justify evil actions that no religion tolerates — a war against terrorists who disrespect Islam’s values and humanity’s values.”

The King highlighted the need for mutual respect that entails consideration for other people’s faiths and cultures. 

“People thrive where there is mutual respect. Civilisation is built on it. Futures are better for it…”

His Majesty suggested three areas of importance to “renew the source of our great strength: the mutual respect that binds and sustains us”.

“The first is meaningful interfaith outreach, engaging people where they live. 

“The second area key to global harmony is an international system that gives all people the respect they want and deserve,” the King said, adding that this includes the Palestinian people.

“Again and again, I hear the question: Why doesn’t the world defend Palestinian rights? Time after time, the peace process has stalled. Let me say what the situation looks like in reality: more Israeli settlement building, less respect for the occupied Palestinians.”

“A third critical effort is creating deeper hope. Radicalisation thrives on economic insecurity and exclusion,” the King said. 

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