Contribution of Muslims in Modern Inventions

The common notion about Muslims in this day and age is not any good. The West has already labeled them as the extremists, and a constant danger to the safety of the entire world population according to prevailing propaganda. This generalization has got no roots, as activities done by a small group of people should not be taken as the way of life of the whole religion. If it was so, then Christians are the worst creatures, as they were the ones who started 2 World Wars, killed millions of Jews, wiped out two Japanese cities through bombs, kept black Africans as slaves and there are many other examples like that. But Christianity was never called brutal, however, small proportion of so called Muslims who terrorize innocents are easily taken as an excuse to tag Islam as the cruel faith.



Today, the West is so proud of their scientific inventions forgetting the fact that when they were lying in darkness in the middle ages, they were Muslims who had already laid the foundations for all the present technical advancements.



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