Urdu Video: Million Man March Against Charlie Hebdo in Karachi

JI Ki Gustakhana Khako Ke Khilaf Karachi Mein Million March…
Guests: Siraj-ul-Haq Ameer JI, Najmi Alam PPP, Hafiz Naeem-ur-Rehman JI, Naeem Qureshi President KBA and Aneeq Ahmed Anchor Person Dunya News
Host: Javed Iqbal.

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Dear Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), I can die for you, but I cannot live like you

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  1. بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم
    The Islam is such a beautiful Religion that who has established the freedom of Religion and their are so many verses of the Holy Quran on this topic, in other words the Islam is the torch bearer of Freedom of Speech. The freedom of speech with responsibility is good but the freedom of speech which create chaos in the society can not be permitted, and it is punishable crime. Furthermore publishing cartoons of some dignitary does not fall under the category of freedom of expression, rather it is playing with the fire, in the Case of Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)it has been proved a number of time. The Muslims love Him more than their father and mother, and it is but natural that bearing the disgrace of parents of a gentleman is very difficult to control. So every gentleman, whether Muslim or non Muslim should realize the feelings of Muslims and should strongly condemn this nefarious act of publishing cartoons. To instigate the delicate feelings of any person are a group of person is against the norms of civilized society and in the World of Business or Corporate it is very strongly cared for.
    On the other end the blasphemy laws are alien to Islam, however their origin is in the Holy Bible, as such there is no punishment have been prescribed by the human hands by any person or organization or even by a court. The whole life of the Holy prophet Mohammad peace be upon him is the perfect example of it. Through out his Prophet hood, the disbelievers and hypocrites disgrace him some times in front of him and some times in his back or in his absence, but not only he did not ordered to take revenge for his disgrace himself rather he did not permit any other Muslim to take his revenge, even not permitted the son of the Chief hypocrite, who has been a sincere and devoted Muslim to kill his father whose blasphemy has been recorded in the Holy Quran, on the other hand this prince rather the King of peace Rahmatul-lilAlameen offered the funeral prayer of the Chief Hypocrite and gave his own shirt to rape in the Chief hypocrite against the will of Muslims. However Allah is very jealous for the prestige and the grace of his Holy Prophet (pbuh) if those who disgrace his prophets do not desist to do so, He has the power to abase them in this very world and hereafter for them is grievous Chastisement in the hell fire.
    The best way to establish the honor of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) is sending continuously Darood sharif upon the Holy Prophet (pbuh) as per Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Khalifatul-Massih and conducting Seerat conferences and publishing articles in the Media that enhance his excellent Character and prove him the Most exalted and Respectable person in the World.
    Seemingly JI leader did a good job and deserve congratulations for it to lead the peaceful March of so many people to record the feelings of so many Muslims heart and hence giving the message to stop such nefarious things in the World, but if we see the history of JI, it was just to shine their political business and to benefit from the burning passions of common lot of Muslims in their favor. Where were JI leaders and other Muslims when in Punjab the unfortunate Punjab police with hammers and chisels broke the Kalmah Tayabah from the faces of Ahmadiyya Masajid and the Name of Allah and Mohammad were fallen into the filth of street, was this not the act of blasphemy by the unfortunate Punjab Police, at that time unfortunate representative of JI Ameer-ul-Azim instead of condemning the unfortunate Punjab police, he made Islam a trade Mark like Coca Cola, What a shame on the part of unfortunate Amirul-Azim. When Jain Mender was demolished in Lahore and Christen Churches were set on fire Where was humanity at that time. The history of JI is to side with Taliban and Terrorists Ji and JUI even abstain to pass 21st amendment and both the parties were naming Shaheed to the dead terrorist and not to the solders who sacrificed their lives for the protection of Nation.
    Zarif Ahmad

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