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  1. Altar server


    Servers carry the cross, the processional candles, hold the book for the priest celebrant when he is not at the altar, carry the incense and censer, present the bread, wine, and water to the priest during the preparation of the gifts or assist him when he receives the gifts from the people, wash the hands of the …
    The Altar Server ***MUST SEE***

  2. Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth
    The ‘Blind Watchmaker’ Who Is Also Deaf and Dumb (continued)
    72. Surah Al-Jinn (The Jinn

    In Islamic theology jinn are said to be creatures with free will, made from smokeless fire by Allah as humans were made of clay, among other things. According to the Quran, jinn have free will, and Iblīs abused this freedom in front of Allah by refusing to bow to Adam when Allah ordered angels and jinn to do so.
    Jinn – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Five Types of Jinn
    The Five Types of Jinn and Their Threat to Your Digital Security

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