There Is No Room for Terrorism In Islam


Islam is as closely related to terrorism as light is to darkness, life is to death or peace is to war.

Muslims for Peace

Muslims for Peace

 In the news today, so called Muslims continue to be involved in terrorist activities.


In order to bring peace to world, we must stop focusing on the religious backgrounds of those involved in these brutal murders, rather we must see the greater picture. Unless we understand the forces behind the violence, we shall not be able to understand why groups and states are turning to terrorism to achieve certain objectives.


The majority of communal violence that we see in the world today is not due to religion, rather internal and external political interests.

There are people who are killing innocent women and children without any regard or reason. These people have not only brought infamy upon the religion of Islam but are also presenting the Holy Prophet to the world contrary to his real exemplary nature. Which is why, it is not only our duty to live in peace.

But it is our responsibility to unite with the Nation and world to bring about and establish peace in the world. We must keep the world away from chaos and disorder.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community has categorically condemned the terrorist attack on Charlie Hebdo and the kosher supermarket in Paris, France. It offers its heartfelt prayers and condolences to the victims and those left with sorrow.

The perpetrators of this brutal attack may seek to justify their acts in the name of Islam and Prophet Muhammad, but their actions have no relation whatsoever to the true teachings of Islam.

The Community will continue to present the peaceful character and practice of Prophet Muhammad through its publications and public programs across Canada.

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