Breaking NEWS: New comments of Supreme Head Ahmadiyya Muslim Community to fight against Extremism

Source:LBC via Bushra Mahmood

The leader of the world’s largest organised Muslim community believes we should arm all police in Britain to stop Islamic extremists.


4 replies

  1. Very practical and useful suggestions expressed in very simple and frank way. Monitoring of Urdu sermons by Muslim clerics in mosques, madrassas and religious gatherings as suggested by Supreme head of Ahmadiyya Community is an extremely valuable suggestion and its immediate implementation can yield very good results.

  2. I read all the comments from the original article. It is unfortunate that many muslims twists the fundamentals of Islam just because they do not agree with the ahmadi muslims on the meaning of khataman nabiyeen. One said that khataman nabiyeen is the definition of Islam while actually Islam is about the shahadah.

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