Are the Moderate Muslims a Silent and Voiceless Majority The Crusade Within

Source: New Age Islam

The reaction against the Taliban attack that killed 132 children in Peshawar army school rekindled a question: if a breed of terrorists can kill so many children with such abandon and indiscriminate fury in the name of Islam, isn’t it time to distinguish the ‘good’ Muslim from the ‘bad’?

Yes, this dichotomy between the good and the evil is as old as the dawn of moralism. In the days of yore, the political leadership of the anti-terrorism alliance, notably former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and former American President George Bush, spoke of the need to distinguish “good Muslims” from “bad Muslims”. Barely a day after the Taliban massacre in Peshawar, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif promised there would be no distinction made between “good” Taliban, the code for militants used by the Pakistani establishment for ‘strategic’ purposes in the region, and “bad” Taliban, or those who implode the Pakistani state. The implication is undisguised: whether in Afghanistan, Palestine, or Pakistan, Islam must be quarantined and the devil must be ‘exorcised’ from it by a civil war between good Muslims and bad Muslims.


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  1. What ever you write or analyse, the crux lies in recognition of Imam of the time which was prophesied 1400 years back by the prophet of Islam (saw). He has already appeared and doing the job with required pace. Time is approaching when majority will accept him and Islam will revive once again in its true shape. Inshallah

  2. The problem lies in not understanding the Arabic word “Kafir”. Kafir is any fanatic person of any faith. He may be a Muslim by faith but a hostile belligerent person who is not peaceful.
    The silent majority is of two kinds. Some are ordinary persons (in majority). Some others are well educated, liberal and they have some pain in their belly for Islam and they try to be a mini-reformer (Musliheen). They are described in the very beginning part of the Quran. The Quran describes them as “mufsidoon” i.e. trouble makers. At verse 2:17, Allah says “They had never been guided.”
    There had been many such mini-reformers who did not accept the promised Messiah a.s. and they misled many poor Muslims away from true Islam.
    There are two types of Kafir described in the Quran which very well applies to the belligerent Muslims. Some (or majority) are those who are not hardened criminals. They had seen the messenger (Rasool) and well recognized him but did not accept him. They are under the curse of Allah and the angels and the mankind. (Please See last few verses of Part 3 of Quran).
    Then there are those Kafir who are much advanced in their kufr after having had the belief in Islam, who are advanced in Kufr, by entering into the mosques of believers and erasing Kalimah Tayyabah and desecrating the graves of believers, killing, attacking the prayer mongers during prayers. They are very tough type Kafir. Their pardon will not be accepted.
    The Ahmadis are to define the Kafir properly then poor Muslims may understand who is really Kafir, the Ahmadis or the fanatic Mullas?
    Kafir cannot be just on a belief or interpretation of the word “Khaatam”. Kafir needs to be defined with bad deeds and terrorism.
    Tauheed is only for Allah. It is not for the prophet Muhammad s.a.w.s.

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