Jibran Nasir

Source: ET

Civil society activists led by M Jibran Nasir staged a protest against Maulana Abdul Aziz. PHOTO: INP

Six weeks ago, few outside the small circle of civil society activists in Pakistan would have heard of Jibran Nasir — today he is being written about in newspapers across the Americas, in Europe and the Middle East. Global TV news channels have interviewed him. He is suddenly — but quietly — famous. He is a modest but clearly determined 27-year-old lawyer who has done what no other activist has done before in Pakistan. He has seized the moment and acted in such a way as to energise an otherwise moribund civil society that likes to make its protests by Facebook and Twitter.


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  1. He is really bold and is champion of civil society liberties. Well done keep it up. We pray for your steadfastness and long life.

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