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  1. It is already there in spirits. Government and Politician have failed.It is a failed state. I Love Pakistan and pray for them.It is part of my faith Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Our grief is common.May Allah protect Pakistan from inside and outside satanic evils. aameen
    We say; Pakhair Raghalay in Pushtu meaning Welcome.
    My English ,Urdu,pushto are broken.I know teeny weeny Hindku,Punjabi and Persian.

  2. Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif, Zardari were civilian leaders.

    Zia was a military islamic dictator.

    Imran khan is a western version of JI.

    This country needs a foreign occupying power, because none of its own ruled with justice.

  3. Bhutto and Nawaz have both grown in military nursery.Unislamic dictator
    None Zia called nawaz his son.Bhutto was the Master mind behind 1974 conflict in non democratic assembly. He was wit General Ayub and General Yahya.Imran Khan my favorite had two basic morals of Holy Prophet saw.He is truthful and trustworthy. Sadiq and ameen
    He did some mistakes like we all do.He made the Hospital and university. I am his fan,but can not vote.He has 4 sisters,all are educated.His one sis is surgeon probably Aleema.I met her in the middle East Abu Dhabi. It was Dr.Azra house a general surgeon. I was the only one,who said no mix party. They all accepted happily. All praise belongs to Allah.His journey is from outside appearance to inside reform InshaAllah. May Allah help my pathan Bhai.His other big supporter is my dad for my sake.

  4. Pakistani military is to be loved by the masses of Pakistan as a provider of security and safety with its true and only role .It is not a political party or a sole guardian of Pakistan as had wrongly been perceived by some ambitious generals who brought Military coups on 4 occasions since 1958.
    Military dictatorships had created all these corrupt politicians who superficially ran sham democracy between military dictatorships that ruled Pakistan with a remote control and as a deep state. Corrupt politicians and those military generals have already ruined Pakistan with East Pakistan having become Bangladesh and West Pakistan in utter ruins today.
    This time around, we hope and pray that all of them ( the present and future military and civilian leadership ) will learn their bitter lessons from the past and unite against internal terrorism and alien interferences to help transform Pakistani civil society and provide best of governance to achieve success in the future.The entire Pakistani society including civilian and military leadership need to ask for Allah’s forgiveness for our collective blunders for a new and successful Pakistan Allah willing.

  5. @Dr Shumaila Khan
    Real emotions know no barriers of language and one cna understand it. We all love Pakistan. May Alla save it from clutches of evils. amin.

  6. I am the only being about whom no tongue would ask no eye would mourn.A poem by Emily Bronte a famous pessimistic poet.
    Turn to optimistic Dr:
    Whatever we say whatever we do.
    It goes to make our mind.
    If all the time we talk of good our goodness gets refined.We ask our Lord and God for change, He makes us better women. If wrong is done we like to know its how and why and
    When.A poem by naseem Saifee.Its U Who makes me do good or bad for U have made my heart and head and its U Who makes me through.

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