114-year-old woman who challenged Facebook to let her use her real age dies

The Washington Post: by Abby Phillip —

 Anna Stoehr, 114, uses her iPad at her retirement home in Plainview, Minn. Stoehr made headlines for needing to lie about her age to set up an account on Facebook.

Anna Stoehr was 113 years young when she decided it was time for her to sign up for a Facebook account on an iPad mini.

The only problem: The Web site wouldn’t let her enter a date of birth before 1905.

She instructed a friend to write a letter to Facebook letting them know: “I’m still here.”

The Minnesota matriarch — the oldest verified woman from the state — died peacefully in her sleep Sunday at age 114.

After her story went viral, the company sent her 114 flowers on her most recent birthday, according to the Star Tribune. Her drive to explore new technology in her old age was as rare as her extraordinary longevity. According to the Gerontology Research Group, which tracks and verifies the longest-lived people in the world, Stoehr was also the seventh-oldest person in the U.S. and the 12th-oldest person in the world.

According to her son, she remained sharp until almost the very end.

“I don’t think mother intended to live forever,” her son Harlan Stoehr told KARE . “She just got farther than most.”

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